Introduction to Django - An O'Reilly Screencast

Introduction to Django is a 40 part video series walking new developers through how to set up, develop, test and deploy a fully functional Django web application.

Introduction to Django - An O'Reilly Screencast

The Opportunity

In late 2015, I was asked if I would be interested in putting together a screencast to help new Django developers build their first application - I jumped at the opportunity.

The result is a comprehensive 40 part screencast series where I walk new Djangonauts through the process of building, testing and deploying a fully functional web application called ReadIt.

My goal in writing and recording the series was to provide newcomers with enough knowledge and confidence to start building their own applications straight away. For this reason, I covered Django fundamentals (models, admin, views, forms, templates) as well as authentication, testing, CI and deployment.

The first six episodes are available to view free over at O’Reilly. Here is a peek of episode six for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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