BPCLEtool is a web application that helps health organisations improve and maintain clinical education best practices. Originally developed for the Victorian Department of Health, BPCLEtool is used by hundreds of health organisations across Australia.


The Problem

The BPCLE Framework was developed by Darcy Associates for the Victorian Department of Health, in order to define best practices in clinical learning environments. As part of this process, Darcy Associates also developed a prototype excel application that allowed health organisations to rate themselves against the framework and discover how they could improve their educational environments.

Our task was to extend this concept; by designing and developing a modern, accessible, intuitive web application.

As the design lead, my challenges included:

  • Leading users through a complex multi-step process
  • Ensuring help was readily available when needed
  • Developing intuitive information architecture
  • Maintaining visual consistency as new features were added to the application

The Solution

My first port of call was to develop a series of wireframes to:

  • Divide the application’s functionality into intuitive groupings
  • Show or hide content to the appropriate user classes
  • Establish how a standard user would move sequentially through the application’s functionality
  • Set out visual cues to highlight an individual’s progress

Following this, the application’s aesthetic design was built out in an iterative process, with intermittent user acceptance testing validating or challenging design decisions.

Particular highlights of the design include:

  • Well labeled and easy to use input forms
  • Fast and informative JavaScript form validation
  • Simple, consistent data presentation
  • Intuitive use of colour for descriptive purposes (e.g. red to highlight a bad result, green to highlight a good result)
  • Non-invasive help functionality, with tooltips and dropdowns revealing information at the point of need

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