EuroPython Keynote - PyPI: Past, Present and Future

Slides, notes and resources from my 2018 EuroPython keynote.

In July 2018, I was honoured to keynote at EuroPython - the largest European conference for the Python programming language, with over 1,100 attendees.

My talk explored the past, present and future of the Python Package Index (PyPI), a project I have been working on for approximately 3 years. This post documents the video, slides, links, resources and statistics resulting from that presentation.

I would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to present, and the audience for their warm response.


Or watch on YouTube


On Python Packaging

On PyPI / Warehouse


I used infogram to generate the graphs for my presentation. Happily, these can also be embedded:

Bar Chart


Thanks to Alina Cristea, the official conference photographer, for taking the following images:

On stage, presenting
Image by Alina Cristea. View on Flickr
On stage, presenting
Image by Alina Cristea.


I’d like to extend a big thank you to the following people:

  • The EuroPython organising team for giving me the opportunity to present
  • Ee W. Durbin III, Dustin Ingram, Donald Stufft and Sumana Harihareswara for digging up facts and figures for my presentation and for being great co-contributors on the Warehouse project
  • Aina Requena Lafuente for the lovely illustrations
  • My colleagues at PeopleDoc for reviewing my presentation
  • All packaging contributors - past, present and future :)

Addendum (6th Aug, 2018)

Since presenting my keynote, Ee has dug up some more information on PyPI’s history, so I thought I’d share it here:

  1. The original Python Package Index was born on Friday, the 1st of November 2002, with both the original commit and first package uploaded on that day. The first upload was for the roundup project - the codebase that still powers
  2. The Index was moved from the “Dinsdale” server in Holland to the Oregon State University Open Source Lab on the 14th of August, 2012

Thanks Ee!

26th July, 2018

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