Presenting Warehouse at PyCon France

On Saturday the 15th of October, I had the opportunity to present a talk about the state of the Warehouse project at Pycon France in Rennes.

The talk explored the organisational state of Python packaging, the current state of the Python Package Index, and introduced the Warehouse project - the codebase that will soon power PyPI.

I’d like to thank the organisers of PyCon France for the opportunity to speak to such an engaged audience and for delivering an excellent conference overall. Special mention to all those French speakers who, during the conference, patiently corrected my stumbling French and helped me build my vocabulary.

The organisers of PyCon France have put together a fabulous video that combines the video of the talk with the slide display. If you’d like to view the talk, this is the best format.

I’ve also embedded the raw video and slide presentation here for posterity. Enjoy!

Or watch on YouTube
16th October, 2016

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